About me

I finally built this sad little website. It hosts my resume in case I sent you an email and forgot to attach it. I may also write some blog posts about the stuff I learned during my graduate studies. In case I become too lazy to do it, I summarized the things I worked on below. Feel free to send me an email, I’m always happy to help or collaborate.

I mainly work with deep neural networks (DNNs) and multimedia. My current research is composing symbolic music based on videos using DNNs, and I’m open for collaborations. Until now I have mostly worked with generative DNNs for supervised multimedia creation. My last project was on audio bandwidth enhancement (super-resolution) and its generalization to real-world problems. For my masters thesis, I have used DNNs to predict video frames, and then built a video codec around it.

I’m Turkish and came to Portugal for my PhD, with a visa. Things get very complicated when you want to settle in a Mediterranean country without an EU passport. So if you want to move to Portugal, I can give you some cool tips about where to get free language courses or how to deal with the Kafkaesque bureaucracy.

Written on March 16, 2020